Amino Acid Granule

Amino Acid Granule

  • fully water soluble
  • Product description:

 Amino Acid Granule

Free Amino Acid35%


Organic Matter30%



Field crops, greenhouse economic crops, fruit trees,

Tea leaves and ornamental crops.

Animal Feed Additive



For Fertilizers:

1 Nitrogen and Amino Acids are essential nutrition materials for plant and soil.

2Amino Acid have a great effect on promoting the photosynthesis of plants.

Especially to Glycine, it can increase the chlorophyll content of plant and        

3 improve the activity of the enzyme, so as to promote carbon dioxide permeability

and make photosynthesis more exuberant. Then It plays an important role in

improving the quality of crops and increasing Vc and sugar content.

4 Amino acids are regulator for plant growth.

Spraying or irrigated amino acid nutrition liquid fertilizer can increase all kinds of 

nutrient elements of plants. And increase dry matter accumulation and running speed and quantity from plant roots or leaves to other parts. It also adjusts the normal elements and trace elements. So as to have a great effect on regulating the growth of plants.

5 Amino acids are perfect chelate agent

Amino acids can have chelate reaction with the insoluble trace elements. It can make the good solubility chelated elements and protect it. So as to be favorable for the absorption by plants.


For Animal Feed Additive:

1 High protein content, containing about 90%, and stable quality, of which approximately amino acid 35%, mainly contains glutamic acid, lysine, methionine.

2 Contains a wealth of other B vitamins and a variety of enzymes and nutrients.

3 Contains a rich variety of viable micro-organisms such as bacteria andgrowth factors, has helped promote animal digestion and absorption of the unique effects of various nutrients.

4 Can improve feed flavor, with attractant effect.

5 Enhance the utilization rate of feed. It contains rich and various L form free amino acids which can be absorbed and digested by animals very quickly and completely. The free amino acids have chelating ability to trace elements, so it can also enhance the utilization of trace elements in feed.



Base/Irrigation Fertilizer

Spread by hand near the root of plant


Get dissolved in the 1st irrigation.Make sure the soil containerd enough moisture.Dry land need to spray some water then use the fertilizer.

Foliar Fertilizer

Dilute with water at the rate of 1:2000.

Mix for a while.


Every 7-10 Day spray once.Different period different dosage.The number just for a refference.

Feed Additive

Mix with Feed


Mix with feed at different rate according to different animal.Cow/Lamp at 100kg/Ton,Goose/Chicken/Duck at 50kg/Ton.



5kg10kg20kg25kg PP/PE/KRAFT BAG  


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