Amino Acid Liquid

amino acid liquid fertilizer

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Amino High-Effective Organic Liquid Fertilizer

Amino Acid Liquid Fertilizer is a very good effect fertilizer especial on fruits and vegetables who is called AMINO GOLD by farmers. Our liquid selected 9 groups of beneficial Microorganisms with high quality food grade organic matters.



 Free Amino Acid      15%  |   25%

Nitrogen    8%  |   15%

 Organic Matter      15%   |   25%

      pH          3.8-5.0   



Field crops, greenhouse economic crops, fruit trees,

Tea leaves and ornamental crops.

Used in animal feed, aquaculture.



1A source of multiple nutrients and micro-nutrients.

2 Makes soil nutrients more available to plants and promotes symbiotic nitrogen fixation.

3 Significantly inhibits root rot and strengthens root systems.

4 Ameliorates soil ad extends soil fertility.

5 Effectively solubilizes base fertilizers and reduces the effects of salt in the soil.

6 Reduces insect infestation and reduces the need for pesticides.

7 Quickly activates plant immune systems and enhances decease resistance.



Foliar Spray

1:300-500, 3-5 times, 15 days interval. 1-2L/Ha/time

Root Irrigation

1:200-300, 2-3 times, 15 days interval. 2-3L/Ha/time



1L 5L 20L BOTTLE IBC TANK or DRUMMED  or as your request.


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